Alex James Muscat


Alex James MuscatMany people know me as a recording engineer and as the founder of Last Stop Records. I'm also a singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist.

Alex James Muscat - Desire PathsIn 2019, I released 'Thornton Beach Vista' which is the follow up to 2017's 'Desire Paths'. Both are available worldwide through the usual digital outlets.

For many years, I have enjoyed the privilege of recording creative albums and playing in diverse and challenging musical groups. I was born and raised in San Francisco, but I have lived in Spokane, Los Angeles, Marin County and Boston. Between gigs, I earned a bachelor's degree from Berklee College of Music in 1994.

Having grown up in the 70's & 80's I heard everything that was on radio and eventually MTV, also listening to global superstars the likes of Pink Floyd, Rush, Sabbath, Madien, ect.... I'm a huge fan of American bands with hard rock roots like Alice In Chains, Clutch, Tool, System of a Down, Faith No More... You will find everything from Buckethead, Primus, Black Cobra, Jellyfish, Witchcraft, Earthless, and Jeff Beck in my recent plays folder. I grew up buying records, then cassettes and tons of CD's, which I still have.

Phil Void - East of SomewhereIn 2016, I released a unique collection of original compositions and productions. 'Phil Void - East of Somewhere' 'Read the latest album review'

Black-Tape - When The Sun Goes Out - LSR-502The years I spent playing at Secret Studios with San Francisco band Black-Tape produced two albums of heavy rock music.

I'm always performing around town with Tall Shadows playing the classic rock songbook.

Alex James Muscat - the ghost of electricity - LSR-103In the digital age, I have released five albums of my singer/songwriter material with Last Stop Records. (BLUEPRINT, Sad Songs and Dedications, The Ghost of Electricity , Desire Paths and Thornton Beach Vista) I love ROCK 'N ROLL..... I have always been fascinated by the lyrics of Bob Dylan. I think Neil Young is one of the finest songwriters and performing artists of our time. Ryan Adams, Jason Falkner, Killian MacGeraghty... I'm a huge fan. I'm always working on new stuff and so I have dozens of unreleased songs that are in some stage of the recording process. Thanks to my fans for purchasing albums on iTunes, Bandcamp & Cdbaby.

Alex James Muscat - SoundtracksSoundtracks is a collection of instrumental works I composed and produced in a few years time. Many hours were labored to put together this special album of emotional melodies and modern composition. A milestone in my musical evolution.

In 2009, "Near Wandering" was licenced for the film Dumping Lisa. It also appears on the Soundtracks album 2011.


Alex Muscat at the Viper RoomBack in the 90's I was a founding member of Boston based rock band Ten To Six. Our album CLOCKWORK is available at the usual digital outlets.


In recent years I discovered circuit bending and have built and/or modified a bunch of electronic toys with my own artistic slant. My you tube channel has well over 1.5 Million views! 

Circuit Bending Workshop

2009 opening for Bill Gates at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco.